Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD, Ohio University

Colleen's research program broadly examines attitudes toward members of marginalized or underrepresented groups in certain contexts and the impact of being a member of such groups on a person’s career goals, self-presentation, and prosocial behavior. 


Postdoctoral Researcher
PhD, University of Leuven

Jenny’s research focuses on coping with stigma in organizations. How do members of underrepresented groups (e.g., low SES students at university and women in STEM) cope with challenges they face in work and education fields? And how does this affect their outcomes in work and education? 


Undergraduate Researcher 2021-2022
NYU Abu Dhabi

Morgane is a senior at NYU Abu Dhabi, double-majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, with an interest in both social and cognitive psychology. Her focus is on how traditional ideas of female or male-dominated fields affect women’s ambition and interest in those fields. She's completing an undergraduate thesis (Capstone Project) at SRBL, investigating how exposure to media portraying stereotypical gender roles may shape women’s interest in and self-perceptions about brilliance-oriented domains. Additionally, the project aims to explore how female job candidates for such domains are evaluated in stereotypical versus non-stereotypical contexts.


Research Assistant

NYU Abu Dhabi

Vid is a sophomore at NYU Abu Dhabi where he is double-majoring in Psychology and Film and New Media. He is interested in how different beliefs and norms regarding gender affect individuals' self-perceptions, and how they are linked to the lack of professional and social opportunities in spheres historically unoccupied by that gender.


Research Intern

NYU Steinhardt

Raye is a junior at NYU Steinhardt where she studies Applied Psychology, with a minor in Business Studies. She is interested in how gender stereotypes and bias influence behaviors, emotions, and communication in workplace on an individual level, as well as the gender division of labor on a societal level.


Research Assistant
NYU Abu Dhabi

Cece is a senior at NYU Abu Dhabi where she is studying Literature & Creative Writing and Psychology. She is interested in understanding how gender norms and beliefs affect marginalized individuals on personal, societal, and professional realms.