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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

NYU Abu Dhabi students interested in gaining hands-on research experience may be able to get involved in one of the lab projects as volunteer research assistants. We sometimes have paid research positions through the NYUAD student assistantship program. Please get in touch at

Capstone Student Research

NYU Abu Dhabi students interested in gender stereotyping, bias, and discrimination or related topics who are looking for a faculty advisor for their Capstone project are encouraged to get in touch with us as early as possible at Prospective Capstone researchers in our lab benefit greatly from getting involved in the lab's research one or two semesters before the beginning of capstone. 



Dr. Andrea Vial will be reviewing PhD applicants in Fall 2023 (for students

interested in starting grad school in 2024) through the NYU Abu Dhabi Global PhD Student Fellowshipoffered in collaboration with the NYU Graduate School of Arts and Science (GSAS)PhD students admitted through this Fellowship complete two years of classwork at NYU in New York followed by three years of research at NYU Abu Dhabi. If selected, the doctorate is fully funded. Potential candidates apply using the standard NYU GSAS online application. There is no separate application for the NYU Abu Dhabi Global PhD Student Fellowship. You can learn more about the program and the application process here, here, here, and here.

If you are interested in applying to join my NYUAD lab as a PhD student,

you can get a very good sense of what I am currently working on by browsing this website or clicking on my CVApplicants should also indicate a prospective PhD advisor within the Social Psychology PhD program at NYU in New York

Advice on applying

In your application, be sure to specifically note which faculty members

you'd like to work with and why (both at NYU-NY and NYU Abu Dhabi). Many successful candidates mention 2 or 3 faculty and say why specifically they are

interested in each faculty member's research.


Your "personal history statement" is a chance to tell the fuller story

of your resume--what your research and intellectual background

has been like so far. What kinds of research and intellectual experiences

have you had? What did you learn and what did that motivate you to learn next? You can also use the personal history statement as a place to mention that you've faced some challenging life circumstances, so we can get a fuller appreciation of you as a candidate. There is no one type of person or background that we're looking for. So please do mention information about yourself that you think we should know.


Your "statement of academic purpose" should then focus on the big ideas and questions that bring you to graduate school. These could be very different from

the questions you have researched so far. This essay is where you can talk

about which faculty you'd like to work with on these questions. 

You can let your personality shine through as you write both of these essays. But the statement of academic purpose really should focus on intellectual

and research topics about which you feel passionate.

If you have any questions about the application process that cannot be answered by browsing the links above, please get in touch at

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